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Handbooks & Policies

Employee Handbooks

An update-to-date, legal handbook is essential for all businesses no matter the size. An employee handbook communicates policies, benefits and work standards to all employees in a single document. It provides an appropriate means through which the employer can disperse legally required policies, such as anti-harassment, family and medical leave or drug testing policies. It also provides valuable guidance for supervisors regarding the implementation and enforcement of company policies. 

HR Dynamics can help you design the internal procedures behind your handbook policies and train your managers and supervisors in their part of the process. HR Dynamics can audit your current handbook or develop a customized handbook

to ensure your content is up-to-date and properly organized. 


HR Dynamics can assist you in developing an employee handbook that is customized to your industry and company culture.

I can assist with:

• New Handbook Creation

• Audit Existing Employee Handbooks

• Communication to Employees

• Legal Compliance

Policies & Procedures

Employment law is continuously changing and updating. It's critical that your companies human resources policies and procedures are up-to-date. Ensure your policies and procedures are current, accurate and effective with help from HR Dynamics.

I can assist with:

• Review and Recommendations of existing policies

• Creation, Implementation and Communication (both common and unique to your business)

• Legal Compliance

Job Analysis / Job Descriptions

Job descriptions set the tone for expectations on both the part of the employee and the employer. HR Dynamics can review existing job descriptions, as well as, create new job descriptions that include accurate comparisons of job duties and wage rates, while complying with the Fair Labor Standards Act, the Americans with Disabilities Act and other applicable legislation.

I can assist with::

• Conducting Job Analysis

• Identifying Essential Job Functions

• Identifying Job Requirements

• Identifying Performance Expectations

• Identifying Physical Requirements

Disciplinary Actions

Discipline and termination are not pleasant topics of discussion. While they are critical to the employment process, they can also result in additional headaches if not dealt with properly. Most employee claims and lawsuits derive from incidents of employee discipline and termination. Employers must approach the issues of discipline and termination very carefully and HR Dynamics can help you with that.

I can assist with:

• Investigations

• Policy Development

• Counseling/Coaching Supervisors

• Discipline Documentation, including termination letters

Exit Interview Programs

Interviewing employees on their way out of your organization is an effective way to obtain valuable feedback. When conducting an exit interview it's important to ensure that you are receiving honest, helpful feedback not unjust criticism. Employees may be more willing to communicate to someone outside of your immediate organization. HR Dynamics has the ability to conduct objective, independent exit interviews on behalf of your company and provide you with the  results in a manner that will provide insight to your company's strengths while identifying potential areas for improvement.

I can assist with:

• Conducting Exit Interviews

• Tracking and Analysis 

• Creating Retention Plans

Federal, State, Industry Specifics & Custom Company Policies

Having a well written policy can eliminate disputes in the workplace, prevent unsafe or inappropriate behavior, and provide a workplace that is conducive to employee satisfaction and excellent performance. HR Dynamics can assist you in the creation of  many standard and customized policies for your workplace. 

I can assist with:

• Employment Agreements/Offer Letters

• Sick Leave Policy

• HIPAA Notice

• Discrimination & Harassment Policy

• Severance Policy

• Intern and Independent Contractor Agreements

• Meal & Break Policy

• Absenteeism & Tardiness Policy

• PTO Policy

• Social Media Policy

• Gift Policy

• Remote Work Policy

• Substance Abuse Policy

• Bereavement Policy

• And More

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