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Payroll & Benefits

Employee Compensation Strategies

It can be challenging to determine how much you should compensate employees. In addition, to ensuring fairness and employee satisfaction, there are many employment laws that will impact your decisions. HR Dynamics can assist you in the identification and evaluation of appropriate market pay rates, internal worth of jobs/positions, and current fiscal resources to determine recommended job/position classifications and a structured plan of pay level ranges all within the legalities of state and federal requirements. 

HR Dynamics can help define positions, set wage guidelines and implement incentive packages to give your business a hiring and retention advantage. 

I can assist with:

• Job Descriptions

• Bonus/Incentive Programs

• Salary Surveys

• Compensation Policies and Strategies

• Pay Scale Design

• Wage Increase Guidelines

Employee Benefits Strategies

A solid benefit package can help your company stand out to current and potential employees. HR Dynamics can help improve your ability to attract and retain talent by reviewing and comparing employee benefit programs.

I can assist with:

• Health Insurance Benefits

• Ancillary Benefits (dental, vision, life, disability and other supplemental benefits)

• Retirement Benefits 

• Insurance Policies

• Employee Benefit Orientation

• Benefit Enrollments 

• Benefit Renewals

Time and Attendance Solutions

Monitoring employee time and attendance can help control your labor costs, minimize your compliance risk and improve your workforce productivity. 

I can assist with:

• Help Track Employee Time and Attendance

• Time and Attendance Polices and Procedures

• Recommendations for Electronics Time and Attendance Solutions

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