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Performance Management

Performance Reviews

HR Dynamics can help you design an easy but comprehensive evaluation process that brings process to both your employees and your organization. An effective performance review process gives employees information they need to improve performance, set goals and achieve those goals.

I can assist with:

• Developing effective evaluation programs

• Basing systems on Job Descriptions

• Defining Employee Expectations and Wage Justifications

Employee Motivation & Recognition Programs

An unmotivated employee is often an unproductive employee. Implementing an employee recognition program can increase employee morale and address ongoing needs for employee retention and employee reward. Inspire better employee performance and bottom line profits by identifying new ways to demonstrate your appreciation to your employees.

HR Dynamics can help build reward and recognition systems which contributes to employee motivation, positive morale and retention. 

I can assist with:

• Design, Development and Implementation

Employee Relations

Establishing and maintaining a good relationship between employers and employees is vital to the success of any organization. Having an employee relations program in place helps ensure all employees receive fair and consistent treatment and motivates employees to remain committed to their jobs and the company.

I can assist with:

• Establishing Clear and Accurate Communication

• Conflict Resolution Strategies

• Employee Recognition Programs

• Employee Surveys

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