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Recruitment & Retention


Recruitment & Hiring Procedures

Staffing decisions are crucial decisions that can have a BIG impact on the day-to-day operation of your business. Hiring the wrong person can leave a lasting impact on the function and morale of your staff. Too many times, businesses experience personnel problems simply because they assume they do not need to use formal hiring practices.Any operation, regardless of size, can benefit from developing and implementing policies related to hiring.

I can assist with:

• Creation of Standard Procedures

• Recruitment Strategies​

• Job Descriptions

• Job Postings/Ad Placements

• Candidate Screening

• Selection Tools

Pre-Employment Screening

Pre-employment screening is designed to help you avoid costly hiring mistakes. HR Dynamics can assist you in employment verification and provide pre-employment screening solutions that will help you make informed hiring decisions.

I can assist with:

• Reference Checks

• Employment Verification

• Identification of applicable skills testing

• Identification of other applicable pre-employment screenings

Employee Orientation & On-Boarding Programs

An effective orientation program will aid in helping new employees develop a productive, long-lasting relationship with your organization. HR Dynamics can help you integrate new employees or newly-promoted leaders into your organization, as well as, enhance employee engagement, retention, motivation and job satisfaction.

I can assist with:

• Design, Development and Implementation of new hire orientation programs

Employee Retention Strategies

As a business owner, you want to retain your most valuable employees. HR Dynamics can develop strategies and techniques to help you do just that.

I can assist with:

• Identifying & Implementing Employee Retention Strategies

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